Find A Storyteller

Gateway Storytellers serves the greater St. Louis Missouri area and beyond.  Our group of talented professionals can work with you to design the program you need.  Folktales, history, legends, local events, personal confessions, and more – it’s all available from this diverse and professional group.

Ron Adams (Myth-maker)
Phone: (618) 345-7880
This storyteller has programs for adults, children age 6-12, teens.
I tell Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and Norse myths. I also tell scary stories.

Diann Joy Bank (The Joy of Storytelling)
Phone: (314) 434-0324
St. Louis’s Diann Joy Bank is an educator, author, and professional storyteller knows as “The Joy of Storytelling”.  A Pot of Mitzovt – 18 Jewish Folktales, Diann’s latest book, will fill you with wisdom and laughter.  This folktale collection focuses on the Torah commandments of mitzvot performing good deeds.  Her tales are sprinkled with Hebrew and Yiddish words, the language of the Jewish people.  Diann invites you to meet the crazy baker, the imperfect prince, and the arrogant sultan in her entertaining tales.  Her 2-disc CD, “A Pot of Mitzvot – Jewish Folktales” is just as entertaining and captivating.

Flavia Everman
Phone: (636) 456-3550
This storyteller has programs for all audiences.
I tell folk tales, fables, multicultural tales throwing in geography lessons, moral lessons and a puppet show.

Mary Garrett (Stories Make the World Go Around )
Phone: (636) 447-6760
This storyteller has programs for all audiences.
Mary tells folktales, traditional stories, and original personal stories with warmth and humor to all ages from preschool through retirement. Mary believes in the world of story and the power of story to make this world a better place.

Annette Harrison
Phone: (314) 725-7767
This storyteller has programs for adults, preschoolers, children age 6-12.
“Annette Harrison is a national award winning master storyteller, educator and author. (two published books) Annette is known for her high energy, interactive storytelling which engages her audiences completely! Her more than 33 years of professional storytelling makes her the perfect storyteller for all occasions. Check out her newest shows: Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial: Stories of an Amazing Man! and Let’s Feast!:Stories For Hungry Minds and Bodies. She will not disappoint!! ”

Howie Hirshfield (Howie’s Creative Shop)
Phone: (618) 210-6436
This storyteller has programs for all audiences.
I am an interactive teller who weaves my own personal experiences visually with those of my audience.

Linda Kram
Phone: (314) 993-6252
This storyteller has programs for all audiences.
I tell folk tales, fairy tales, fables, personal stories, Jewish stories

Marilyn Lane
Phone: (314) 845-1501
This storyteller has programs for adults, preschoolers, children age 6-12.
Marilyn enjoys twists on original folk tales and fables and has written many of her own stories. She loves to draw children into the stories as active participants, using songs, fingerplays, flannel boards, and puppets. She tells to pre-schoolers through second graders. She also tells humorous stories for adults and moral or religious stories for church and retreat groups.

Betsy Mehlman (Super Bird Betsy)
Phone: (636) 386-5388
This storyteller has programs for preschoolers, children age 6-12.
Betsy Mehlman tells fairy tales, children’s literature, and Jewish stories. As her beloved character, “SUPER BIRD BETSY” she performs and entertains at children’s parties, schools, and other places. She specializes in dramatizing stories for young children, preschool to second grade, using song, movement, face-painting and costumes. The children are engaged in the storytelling process. Betsy is a dynamic performer and dedicated teaching professional with 20 years’ classroom experience. She has performed at Six Flags and appeared on Channel 9. She holds a BFA in Theatre Arts, Masters of Arts in Teaching Early Childhood, and Missouri Teaching Certificate, PK-3.

Marion Nichols (Snowflakey Lady at City Museum)
Phone: (618) 797-2224
This storyteller has programs for all audiences.
You get to cut out my already printed and folded snowflakes while I tell you stories. All ages have fun with this – from three to 103. These are not just snowflakes, they are also animals, or insects, or holidays, or musical things, or flowers, or mystical creatures, or…. You can cut anything into a snowflake! I can turn YOU into a flake!

Bobby Norfolk (Folktale Productions)
Phone: (314) 968-2606
This storyteller has programs for all audiences.
Character education, cultural diversity, everything! Three-time Emmy Award winning storyteller whose high energy shows are enjoyed by audiences of all ages. Keynotes, workshops, theater.

Marcia Ollinger
Phone: (314) 567-7930
This storyteller has programs for all audiences.
Marcia loves to tell original stories, American stories, Native American stories, holiday stories, and traditional folktales from around the world to all audiences and age levels. Marcia charms and entertains adult audiences with her enthusiastic style and enjoys telling to young children with lots of audience participation.

Georgy Rock (21st Century Maggid)
Phone: (314) 835-9774
This storyteller has programs for adults, preschoolers.
Sacred Stories and Peace Tales for all ages – and Tiny Tots Story Times for the Very Young with stories and lots of singing.

Daniel Romano
Phone: (314) 771-8576
This storyteller has programs for all audiences.
I tell True Tales from the Old West, combining Native American folklore and history. I have Irish Folklore and legends for any time of year. I offer traditional tales from European, African, and Native American sources and original stories adapted from old ones. Now offering traditional and original PUPPET SHOWS for children and adults.

Roger Rose (The Walking Stick Man)
Phone: (314) 961-6251
This storyteller has programs for adults, children age 6-12, teens.
Roger Rose mines the treasure trove of literature and folklore for nuggets of story which he refines and polishes for telling. He tells stories from literature — Twain, Kipling, A.A.Milne, and others; also Irish stories; Biblical stories; new stories based on old fairy tales; scary Halloween stories and heart-warming Christmas stories.

Lynn Rubright
Phone: (314) 966 2382
This storyteller has programs for all audiences.
I tell stories from every genre: history, folk and fairy tale, personal and literary tales

Chris Sutton (Tales with a Twist Entertainment)
Phone: (314) 324-3451
This storyteller has programs for adults, children age 6-12, teens.
Storytelling themes for both adults and children! Ages 8 through adult will be captivated by these tales of love, mystery, intrigue, historical events, nature based tales, tales with a moral, and of course Tales with a Twist. For your next wedding, birthday, meeting, holiday party, halloween party, scary or spooky get together, period fare, coffee shop meeting, or reunion, this storyteller would make unforgettable memories. From the mysterious, captivating turn of the century tales, 1904 World’s Fair, Fourth of July, story of Francis Scott Key, tale of the Dodo Bird to the eye opening wonder of animals, we have you covered.

Loretta Washington (Master Storyteller)
Phone: (314) 867-0489
This storyteller has programs for all audiences.
Master Storyteller, Multipurpose Workshop Presenter, Author/Writer. I tell stories from around the world including African American Tales, Historical Characters, Scary and Ghost Stories, Seasonal and Holiday Stories. I perform and conduct workshops for Schools, Libraries, Festivals, Parks, Seniors, Day Cares and Private Organizations. I will build a program or workshop around your needs. I have a variety of stories suitable for all ages. I am willing to travel.

Carol Watkins
Phone: (636) 922-7133
This storyteller has programs for preschoolers, children age 6-12.
I tell folktales, fairytales, fables, children’s classics, Bible stories, famous people biographies, and moral tales. I often use flannelgraph, puppets, finger plays and music with very young children

Rosie Willis (Miz Felix the storyteller)
Phone: (314) 535-6485
This storyteller has programs for adults, preschoolers, children age 6-12.
I tell fairy tales, African Folktales, humorous tales, bibical stories, childhood personal tales. I also perform as a giant Rabbit, known as PROFESSOR-PEP-N-STEP, the Reading Rabbit, at children parties,shelters,church events, hospitals, family reunions, schools, child day care centers, adult day care centers and libraries.

Rosemary Wilson (One Fine Storyteller)
Phone: (314) 997-3474
Rosemary has programs for all audiences. She has very entertaining programs for all ages that include not only stories but ballad singing accompanied by acoustic guitar. Sing-a-longs are an option that can be requested. “Great Stories Told Well!”

Jackie & Glen “Papa” Wright Jr.
Phone: (314) 997-2376
This storyteller has programs for children age 6-12.
We tell stories ranging from multicultural and animal tales to fables and inspirational stories. Jackie tells high-energy folktales while “Papa” adds dynamic sound effects and music. Our listeners get to participate in both the percussion and the stories. Regional tellers at the St. Louis Storytelling Festival since 1998, Jackie and “Papa” were featured tellers in 2006.

Karen Young
Phone: (636) 227-6478
This storyteller has programs for all audiences.
Over 30 lively curriculum-based storytelling programs for school aged children. Vivid character portrayals from history and folklore. Storytelling and writing workshops for students and teachers. Programs for college and adult audiences. Featured in 2007 at the St. Louis Storytelling Festival, Karen is a teaching artist with Springboard/Young Audiences and COCA (Center of Creative Arts).


3 responses to “Find A Storyteller

  1. Terrie

    In September Manchester is having an art Festival. It is to include Poets, storytellers, artist and musicians. The Poets, storytellers have at the most 30 minute time slots. Thought you might be interested. If you know any others please pass this on.
    September 26. The event, first ever, will be staged in Manchester’s Schroeder Park and will offer artist opportunities to show and sell work. Performers will be part of this afternoon event, too. I’m including files for both “Call for Artists” and “Call for Performers”. You can also click on: for the downloadable link to the call for visual artists. Application deadlines for visual artists is August 10. Performing artists deadline is August 3.

    If you’re interested in being part of the performances, please respond by completing the application form and e-mailing it to the e-address shown. An Honorarium will be offered to selected performing artists.

    If you have questions, please call James Labit, 636.346.6623, or send an e-mall to

  2. Jenny Smith

    I am looking for a story teller for a Polar Express event on December 4, 2015. Not sure where to begin. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    • Jenny:
      We’ve got a long list of Gateway members under “Find A Storyteller”. We’ve also got phone numbers or emails listed for contacting these folks.

      What kind of event are you holding? What sort of message do you want to convey? Do any of the storytellers look like they might fit your needs? What is your budget? Some of our members command a good feed for an hour or two of polished, energetic and refined performances, and they regularly perform in front of hundreds or thousands of people at a time. Some tellers have swapped their services for things as easy as a free 5k race entry. Others on the list are great for smaller settings, like around a campfire. Some of our tellers flat-out refuse to tell stories to Scout groups, but they are pretty up-front about these restrictions.

      If you’re still stuck, type up a description of your event and email it to, and I can forward it out to our membership to see who might be interested in performing at your event.

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