Riverwind Whirlwind Weekend with Milbre Burch

Remember the cozy days of the Riverwind Whirlwind Weekend? Well, we are back this year at the Belleville Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows from March 1-3. We are very honored to have as our workshop leader – Milbre Burch. Some of you may remember that Milbre was one of our early RW workshop leaders at Pere Marquette State Park in the early 80’s. She is a teller that has grown and blossomed exponentially  in her story craft. This time she will give a workshop called New Cloth out of Old Threads: Retelling Traditional Tales . This isn’t just retelling folktales…this workshop delves into deeper meanings and often puts a modern-day issue at the crux of the story. Marilyn Kinsella attended this workshop at the NSN conference and it added new depth to her understanding and crafting of these stories. Another added feature this year will be an adult evening of stories on Saturday night. Milbre will present an historical monodrama Sometimes I Sing along with a regional teller. These should whet your appetite…but wait there’s more! Read all about it – Riverwind Whirlwind Weekend with Milbre Burch – March 1-3, 2013  Let’s party like it is the 80’s…see you in March!


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